Lake Atitlán has been described as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.  The residents of one of the lakeside towns, San Lucas Tolimán named for the volcano that rises behind it, want to put their town on the map for the mosaic murals adorning the walls around town. Our job? to help this dream come true! Participants from our mosaic community will provide the inspiration, know-how, and funding, working with local residents, artists and town officials to transform the walls of their town with decorative and engaging mosaic art. In March of 2019 and February of 2020, Cynthia Fisher and Debora Aldo went to San Lucas Tolimán with  groups of mosaic artists who participated in a week-long visit to create a new mosaic murals. Cynthia has been going to Guatemala since 2013, to create community mosaics.

Debora Aldo has been to Guatemala twice and hopes to go many more times with lots of new and returning students.  “MOSAICS IN GUATEMALA: Is an Invitation To The Mosaic Community At Large to join us annually.  This as an ongoing endeavor, with opportunities to participate in  a new project each year.

We plan to go at the start or end of each dry season with a new group. The two lead artists Cynthia and Debora will continue the process of spearheading and then sharing with participants the ins and outs of this operation. Everyone will help with all aspects from sizing up a drawing, choosing colors, cutting and laying tile, install prep, installing sections, grouting, cleaning and then ADMIRING our work!! And meeting with the locals in the square and at the market and going on a boat tour to the local towns.

Debora Aldo has been creating mosaics for decades. She is both a seeker of knowledge and a student of the medium. For the last decade, she has made large-scale community mosaics with
Piece by Piece of LA, numerous schools in CT and New England and in NYC at Bank Street School. She has participated in many SAMA mosaic marathons, the most recent of which is on
the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston! The opportunity to create a viable methodology that will continue the work of putting San Lucas Tolimán on the map as an art destination; improving the lives of residents economically and aesthetically is a dream come true. It is also an opportunity to experience another culture and country and a small way to pay it forward.  to register for this week long mural making Community Mosaic please send an email to

Cynthia Fisher has been a professional artist for 30 years with a focus on mosaics since 2000. Her work ranges from large-scale public art in children’s hospitals and town commons down to mosaic pet portraits. Fisher was the lead artist for the marathon at the Boston 2018 SAMA conference. She does school residencies, teaches at various craft centers and always tries to squeeze in time for personal work creating award-winning abstract mosaics. Fisher participated in the 2014 Mosaic Intervention in Santiago. ¡Ella habla español! and practices daily. Her interest in working with the wonderful people in Guatemala will be life-long.